Cancer, Chemo and What I Wore Part 3

Three of Four!!! I only have one session left. So today, I decided to once again go in full warpaint and body armor. Today’s dress is from my BFAM Emmett. I wore his “Farrah” dress, fishnets and my Stuart Weitzman sand suede pumps. Fierce!. To top it off, I wore a necklace I inherited from my MIL and my Sonya bracelets from St. Croix. Emmett says I look like “That Girl”. Kewl!

Oh yes, and the long red wig made an appearance. It was a close race between the short blonde wig and the long red, but the short blonde scuttled off, yelping, into a corner at one glance from the long red wig. I think I need a long blonde or brown wig so we can have a Divas vs Dames style cage match.

Today wasn’t too bad. I’m wiped out, but I managed to get a lot of work done. All swatch orders that came in today and yesterday will go out tomorrow. Also I’m behind on shipping updates, but aside from the swatches and two international orders, everything has shipped out.

Back to today. I arrived early and went right in for my hookup. One funny story is that Lenora, the nurse, looked at my veins and said, “Wow, nice veins!” My response was, “After 20 plus years of at least 4 workouts per week, I’d hope so!” Seriously, phlebotomists love me. Whenever I hear someone complaining about celebrities’ veiny hands, I want to say, “For crying out loud! They probably work out 8 days a week. You’re would look like that too!”

Chemo Buddies! I had two companions with me today, too

When in doubt, fall back on logic and make it work! Tim came from Emmett – there are still talking bobble heads available! Mr. Spock has a fun story too. I had to get my blood labs done yesterday in prep for today. The lab tech who did it was a really nice guy, and he had a huge collage on his wall of pictures of his family, house, Marvel comic characters, Heros characters, and lots of other neat stuff. On the windowsill next to the chair, he had these little Star Trek characters. I was talking to him about them and how much I liked them. Then we got talking about Star Trek and he and I shared out inner Trek geeks. Did you know that R2D2 makes a cameo appearance in the new Star Trek Movie? He goes flying across the screen during the first battle between Enterprise and the Romulan ship. It’s true! You can see it on the DVD or on YouTube. Anyway, once we finished, he asked me, “Who’s your favorite character?” I responded, “Spock, of course.” So he handed me Spock and said, “He’s yours.” I was so touched, I gave him a big hug!

Like I say, I’m wiped. I hope you had a great day. I’m signing off for a while.

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