This Week's Color is…..

Long red!

Larry says I look like I should have a couple of stakes in my hand and go vampire huntin’. Now the debate is which to wear Thursday – blonde or long red?

On a totally different subject, last night was opening night for the high school’s production of “Titanic, the Musical” (yeah, it’s a real laugh fest). DS the Elder plays Fleet, the lookout who spots the iceberg. He has a solo, and if I may be a proud mama for a moment, he nailed it! His intonation was dead on and his acting was great. DS the younger plays a first class child passenger. He didn’t leave a dry eye in the house in the scene where he has to get in the lifeboat and leave his “dad” behind. Here are links to the pictures of each of them, taken by

DS the Elder in the crow’s nest

DS the Younger leaving his “dad”

The shirt is all done but the buttons. Yeah – I know – it’s been a week, but I’ve been flat out running kids to rehearsals and stuff. Today. Today…

Happy sewing!

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