Curtain Time

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving (or a great Thursday for my international friends). I have a project for the weekend. I need to make curtains for my family room. I’m using this English cotton from Gorgeous Fabrics.

I think I’m just going to make tab-top curtains. I like the clean look and they are easy. Soooo…. off to the sewing room. I want to try to get them done this weekend so I can clean the atelier in preparation for Susan Khalje’s Sit and Sew next weekend. That’s going to be so cool. It’s 3 days of independent projects. I know many of the students, and I’m looking forward to meeting the folks I don’t know yet. She’s coming back in May of 2010 to do a full-blown 6 day Couture class. If you’re interested, contact her (through her website). But I need to clean and vacuum so it looks less like a fabric bomb exploded, KWIM?

Happy sewing!

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