Finally Back in the Land of the Living

Oy, I say, oy! I have never been that sick for that long, and I hope I never am again. Thank God for Zithromax.

So what have I been doing? Nothing. Nada. Zip. I do have most of another (one last) summer dress cut out. It’s the same Simplicity pattern that I made my maxi-dress from:

This time I don’t have enough fabric to make it long, so I’ll make the knee-length version.

Oh! We finally got the air date for DS’ episode of “Dancing Tweens”. September 15th at 10PM. It’ll be interesting.

I’m also starting to prep for a class I’m taking next week. I think I’m going to make a bustier, but I’m still not entirely decided. I need to decide today because I have to have the muslin ready to go next Wednesday.

I ordered a new book for my library. I just got it yesterday and tonight I’ll start poring over it, Building Patterns – The Architecture of Women’s Clothing by Suzy Furrer

So far it looks really interesting, and unlike some other pattern drafting books I own, it looks quite useful and usable. Review to come later!

I chopped my hair all off this past weekend. I love doing that. I feel like, in addition to losing 6 lbs from the pneumonia, I lost another 10 when I got rid of my hair. It’s always a surprise to my family when I do that. One time, when I first went from blonde to red, I never told my DH that I was planning to, so he walked right by me without recognizing me at a restaurant! I’m contemplating changing the color again. We’ll see.

I am overdue on posting a review of a biography of Laura Ashley. That will come soon too. Stay tuned, much more later. God, it’s good to feel human again!

Happy sewing!

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