Happy Mother's Day! 2009

I wish all of you who are mom’s a very happy Mother’s Day. We’re going to see “Star Trek” and then have a clambake on the deck with my twin, Tom and his wife. And I think I’ll make myself a quick top (still no Marfy pattern, boo hoo!) today.

The singing with Wakefield Choral Society went really well. They recorded it for TV, so DH says he’s going to get a copy. It was a little poignant, since it was the last time for the foreseeable future that I’ll sing with Ryan, WCS’ director. But I can’t be too sad, since he’s leaving Boston to become the associate director (the number two guy) at the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. I told him, “Hey, if any of those divas you hire pulls, well, a Diva, keep my number on speed dial. Especially during ski season.” We laughed.

So go have a great Mother’s Day and think good thoughts about the mothers you know.
Happy sewing!

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