And That, My Dears, is How It's Done

Photo: Robyn Beck

Many of my blogging friends have written or will write posts about the fashions our new First Lady wore yesterday. I won’t bother to add my opinion, beyond saying she looked fabulous. However, being the opinionated (ahem) lady that I am, I will give you my view on another great element of yesterday’s inaugural – the music.

I was toasty warm in my office, watching the CNN streaming video. It looked c-c-cold in D.C., and I felt bad for the crowds. But I immediately perked up when The Ultimate Diva, The Queen of Soul, Aretha billowed up to the podium like a galleon under full sail to sing “My Country Tis of Thee”. Vocally, it wasn’t her best performance. At first I thought she might be under the weather. But as she sang, it seemed more like she wasn’t suffering from a cold, but rather that she (and her pipes) had gotten cold. The opening of the song was raspy, but as she continued singing, her voice settled in more and more.

But regardless of the quality of sound she produced, that woman owned that song. From the moment she opened her mouth to the last note, she brought it, with all the confidence and gravitas that only a true Diva can bring. It’s an attitude thing. Even when she’s not on top form, Aretha puts it all out there and pours her heart into every word, every note and every nuance. Beyonce is a pretty girl with a pretty voice, but at this point, she is just a pretender to the throne. And the Queen is not going to abdicate that throne any time soon.

Oh, and I LOVED the hat.

Happy singing!

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