We're Broke, Exhausted and Hungover

We must have had a great time!

We’re back from vacation. What a week! We spent it in St. Croix in the US Virgin Islands. It was so awesome. I want to go back. Now. For ever. Sigh….

It was a much more SCUBA centric vacation than we anticipated. That’s not a bad thing, just an observation. DS the elder got his Open Water certification on his 13th birthday. Boy, I wish MY parents had gotten me certified on my 13th birthday! DS the younger had problems with his ears, so he’s one dive away. We’ll get him finished up in the next couple of weeks up here. Not as pretty, but at least he’ll be done. I’ll post pictures from Cane Bay when we get them developed and transferred onto disk. In the meantime, we did have an unexpected guest in our room all week:

What a narcissist!

And the above water wildlife was awfully cute, and gracious about posing:

The day we arrived, a huge wedding took place at the resort. I didn’t get any pictures of the ceremony. There were more attendants than there were guests, and the theme was Candy. The bridesmaids all carried bouquets of candy bars instead of flowers. And they all wore different colored gowns. It was so much fun to watch!

One last shot for right now. This was a restaurant on the road from the hotel into Christiansted. If we had another couple of days there, we probably would have stopped in for dinner. The sign was enticement enough. It made us laugh and smile every time we went by.

More later. Right now I have to do laundry and grocery shopping. Reality. Bleah…

Happy diving!

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