Fear Not the Fabric

One of the common refrains I hear from sewists everywhere is, “I love this fabric, but I’m so scared to cut into it!”

For whatever reason: because it’s silk, it’s lace, it’s expensive, it’s knit… the list goes on. We are sometimes afraid to take that leap and start ripping into fabrics. We spend tons of time making muslins, perfecting fit, tweaking the design and then… nothing. We look longingly at the fabric and think, “But what if I ruin it?” And the fabric then sits on a pile until we forget what we had originally planned for it. It’s textile paralysis.

“Bah!” I say. Fear not the fabric. The fabric should fear you!

Here’s the thing. What’s the worst that can happen? A wadder? A garment that doesn’t end up looking the way you envisioned? No. The worst that can happen is the fabric sits there unloved and unused. The fabric isn’t going anywhere without you. Dammit, you paid good money for it. I don’t care if it came from Lace Heaven at $800/yard or from the dollar table at Wal Mart. You still paid good money for it. Don’t let it cow you into submission. Take the Nike approach. Just do it!

The wine writers at the Wall Street Journal have a great event every February that they call Open That Bottle Night. They encourage people to pop open that bottle of wine that has been sitting there waiting for a special occasion. Their reasoning is, “It’s today. What more special occasion do you need?” The same goes for your fabric. Go for it! Make that garment you’ve been envisioning. Isn’t that what the fabric is there for?

So fear not the fabric. The fabric should fear you.

After all, You’re the one with the shears!

Happy sewing!

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