Up Next, Another Cosmopolitan Dress!

The jacket is done, hurray! I’m wearing it as I type, and it looks and feels great! So, given that I am a classic example of OCSD, I’m already cutting the next project. Another HotPatterns Cosmopolitan Dress! I’m making if from the Chain Link Jersey in brown and coral. Then I have GOT to start sewing down some of my older stash! I have so much gorgeous fabric from my darling Kashi, it’s a sin to let it languish, you know?

Fortunately, HotPatterns just did me a great favor in that end. Those naughty folks just came out with a whole new collection (apparently in collaboration with the McCall pattern company) of No Sweat Easy Sew pieces that look great. I (honest to God), just ordered the entire collection. There are a bunch that I am going to make for my niece (this is the orphaned one that you heard about last year). She’s in school out in Oregon, and the poor kid needs a decent wardrobe now that she’s out of the Goth phase. So I figure I’ll make her these to start. The Poetry in Motion Top (one for her, one for me!):

The Bubblicious Dress:

And the Triple Tee Dress:

For me? The Cha Cha Cha Dress, of course!

Well, I’ve got a hobby. Back to the sewing room!

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